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 Post subject: Pokémon Spark and Steel
PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 9:01 am 
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A Trainer who knows 75^6? This is his story. How he became a Trainer and a Swordsteen. Not swordsman. He's a teenager. He's me.


This story takes place in the fictional regions of Draconia and Surfacia and Cirai, in the same time as Dusk and Dawn, so the Ratia region may be mentioned as well. Surfacia is S&S Shane's home region.
Also, he's very... abnormal. He can do things that normal humans can't do. He's not an Aura Guardian either.
What is he? That is a question that has yet to be answered...


This is yet unknown... and it will be revealed in the future. Also, this fan fic is based on a dream I had.
The only reason why I am the protagonist is so that I can keep working on this and not abandon it.

2 November 2012:
Thread started up, with a Chapter 1.
4 November 2012:
Finished Chapter 2 and posted it. Traitorous teenager is traitorous.
22 November 2012:
Finished Chapters 3 and 4 and posted it. Epic blast from the past.
6 December 2012:
Finished Chapter 5. Let the Battle begin!

Shane: Me! So far I'm the only one here, though.

I seek the Truth!

"Isliota des Vornii... ETERNITY'S DEMISE!"

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History part updated

 Post subject: Re: Pokémon Spark and Steel
PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 9:55 am 
Super Inhuman
Super Inhuman
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Joined: Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:24 pm
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Meeting a Villainous Army

He waited for this day. He was excited. Finally, he could get a starter Pokémon. His training with a sword paid off, as he managed to prevent the balloon-using enemies from escaping. He never knew what it meant, though. He wondered though. Who were those people who used Pokémon like Pikachu and Emolga to steal money from innocents? “Shane!”
He fell off his chair. “What?”
“The professor is waiting for you outside.”
“It’s about your starting Pokémon.”
“Oh. I thought that I was going to become a lab experiment.” He left his room, went outside, and noticed that professor Willow was waiting in front of her lab. He ran to her. “Mom said that you wanted to talk to me, ma’am.”
“Please, call me professor. Anyway, you are to get your first Pokémon today, right?”
“Yes, professor.”
“Well, there’s bad news. Three others already got theirs, and I only have a Pachirisu left from when I captured it during my travels in the Sinnoh region.”
“A Pachirisu? And you want to give it to me?”
“Well, that’s the only solution I can think of. Of course, you could try taming one, but you don’t have any Pokémon to weaken the others with.”
“Thanks, professor Willow.”
Professor Willow took a Pokéball, and threw it. Out came an energetic Pachirisu, who didn’t waste time using Discharge on Shane. Luckily, his training paid off again, as he quickly unsheathed his sword, blocking the attack with it. “You have a sword?”
“I stopped some evil people with it by throwing it at their balloon.”
“Wait, you stopped Team Spark?!”
“If that is what they are called, yes, I did.”
Shane heard footsteps behind him and turned around. A young girl was running with members of Team Spark after her. “Help!” She stopped at Shane, gasping for breath. “They’re…” She collapsed.
“Hand us your Pokémon or you’ll get hurt,” said a big guy.
“Who are you people?”
“You should know, you were in the news!”
“I was?”
“You don’t watch TV, do you?”
“Well, we’re Team Spark! And we’re gonna… uh, what are we gonna do again?”
The female member groaned. “We are gonna take over the world,” she said slowly, “and then force everybody to give their Pokémon up - meaning, to release them all...”
“Kinda like Team Rocket and Team Plasma combined,” Shane said. “Pachirisu, use Discharge on them, please.”
Pachirisu disobeyed Shane immediately, sitting on Willow’s shoulder. “Pachirisu, I know I captured you, but I would like you to go with Shaun until he gets six Pokémon. She likes me a lot, so I think she prefers me…”
“Willow? Is that you?”
“I don’t know you, but yes, I am.”
“Never thought I’d meet my best friend from high school…”
“Reunions. Just like Reuniclus, in a way. I guess.”
“Well, I’ve missed you, but unfortunately for you, I’m with Team Spark, whereas you’re with Team Nobody.”
“And oink… Hey!” Jennifer threw a Pokéball and out came an Emolga. “Emolga, Thundershock that kid for tricking me to say ‘oink’!”
“You said it twice now.”
Soon enough, Emolga attacked with Thundershock, but Shane took out his blade, parrying the attack. “Hah! You didn’t even do much damage!”
“You’re lucky you’re not dealing with Team Steel,” Jennifer said, “as they’d have killed you with their swords. That’s why I have a scar here.” She took her glove off, and there was a scar on the palm of her left hand, as long as her index finger. “They did that to me. Worse, actually. They cut my right leg badly but it missed the bone by centimetres.”
“I can do worse, but I don’t attack females. The Team Steel fools are honourless. I should go and beat them up until they are blown to smithereens by their own stupidity.”
“Shane,” Willow said, “that’s enough. You’re not going to get yourself involved into any of this.”
“He is a new trainer,” Jennifer said, as she put her glove on again, “and he did witness this, so he’ll most likely be involved anyway… and is she okay? She hasn’t moved for minutes!”
“You two chased her and she collapsed, since she’s very tired.”
“Well,” Jennifer said softly, “at least we don’t want to hurt anybody.”
The big guy looked up. “I think we’re going to have to.”
“Uh oh. Team Steel.”
Their balloon landed near the lab, and two people wearing biohazard suits jumped out. “Give us all your Pokémon… or else.”
“In your dreams,” Shane said loudly, interrupting Jennifer and Willow. He held his blade firmly in his hand.
“Oh? You’re here, and you’re wearing a different uniform this time,” said the female member, looking at Jennifer.
“Uh, I think you’re missing something here…” Shane said impatiently. He swung his sword above his head.
“What? Oh, the kid who stopped Team Spark from robbing a bank. With a sword. You can’t stop us.”
“Oh yeah?” Shaun threw his sword up into the air, unknowingly hitting a balloon, which collapses on top of Team Steel’s balloon. A small case fell from it, which Shane caught, and his sword fell in the ground. “A poor Pikachu. I’ll set you free.” Shane opened the case, and the Pikachu jumped out, sitting on Shane’s shoulder.
“I think he likes you, kid,” Jennifer said.
“Do you want to go with me on my journey?”
“Pi pikachu!”
“He said yes,” Willow said. “Your very first Pokémon. Guess Pachirisu doesn’t have to go with you, right?”
“Well, if I face a Water-type Gym, may I borrow her?”
“Sure!” Willow answered.
“Well, let’s see. Pikachu, our first battle as partners is now.” Shane said as he picked up his sword. “Go!”
Pikachu leapt off his shoulder and used Ice Beam, freezing the balloon that he was in, and followed with a massive Discharge. “No way! That Pikachu knows Ice Beam?!”
“That’s great! I like ice anyway, so now I have an Electric and Ice-type Pikachu! That’s awesome. Now then, Pikachu, let’s try that combination on Team Steel!”
“Our hazmat suits prevent attacks on us. Steel, you know. Very light as well, thanks to science. Try your best shot, kid,” said the woman.
Pikachu used Ice Beam around them and followed with Discharge, then added to the chain Iron Tail. Nothing happened, and they grabbed Pikachu, holding a knife to his throat. “Told you so,” said the man. “Say goodbye…”
Shane’s next move was unexpected. Shane simply turned around, jump-kicked the big guy of Team Spark, leapt to Team Steel’s balloon and swinging his sword to the left arm of the male member, startling him enough to stab his other arm and freeing Pikachu. Then Shane finished his attack with a perfect back-flip, landing on his left hand and then leaping off to near Willow, knocking the man to the ground. “Goodbye,” he said sarcastically.
“You okay?”
“I’m going to KILL that kid!”
“Not now, let’s retreat.”
“Fine, but I’m telling the boss and he’s gonna be furious like a Glalie!”
“Whatever. He’ll be interested in the Ice Beam-using Pikachu, and the trainer with the skill to surpass us both.” The members of Team Steel ran to their balloon and fled. “Wow,” Jennifer said after they were out of sight, “you’re better than anyone thought.”
“Yeah, well, your team’s next.”
“How about a deal? If you promise to stop Team Steel, I’ll quit Team Spark and join… whichever team Willow is on.”
“How about ‘Villainbane?’” asked Willow.
“Good idea. So?”
“Indeed, ma’am.”
“You don’t have to call me ‘ma’am’, kid. Just call me Jennifer.”
“Okay, Jennifer.”
“We’ll be going…”
“You aren’t allowed to quit, Jennifer. Da boss says that anyone who quits is a traitor. And that he or she does not deserve to live.”
“What?! Aw man… Well, in that case, I think I have to tell Shane that the boss is closer to Team Steel’s HQ than Team Spark’s.”
“You already told him, Jennifer. I’m telling da boss.”
“When did she tell me?”
“Just now.”
“Whatever,” Jennifer said, “let’s go now.” They walked in the same direction they came from.
“Is she okay?” Shane asked Willow.
“Yeah, as you said, she’s very tired and collapsed. Is it alright if she stays at your house?”
“Sure,” Shane said, “she’ll need a lot of rest and Mom’s good at taking care of people, so… yeah, I think it’s a good idea. My...” Shane took a deep breath. “My sister’s room is unused as well, so that room does have a purpose now.”

A week has passed since. Shane was training his Pikachu, testing to see what moves he knew. “Pikachu, can you use Volt Tackle?”
“Pika-chu!” His Pikachu proved that Volt Tackle was known by tackling a ragdoll.
“Can you combine that with Ice Beam?”
Pikachu charged an Ice Beam whilst preparing Volt Tackle, and soon an icy version of Volt Tackle was created. “Pi pikachu!”
“Well. Your first improvised attack. Great. Ice Tackle is the name of the new technique. That’s okay, right?” Pikachu leapt on Shane’s shoulder. “I assume that’s a yes. Great job, Pikachu! Oh, is it alright if I nickname you Raichu?”
Pikachu nodded. “That’s a great nickname.”
Shaun was surprised. “Did you just say that?” Pikachu looked at the door, and Shane turned around to see the girl who collapsed a week ago standing there. “Oh, you’re awake.”
“Yes. I assume you helped me?”
“Indirectly, yes. Team Spark and Team Steel were after you, I assume.”
“Team Steel too?!” The girl sighed. “They wore biohazard suits, right?”
“Yeah, how did you know?”
“They were after me the day before Team Spark chased me.”
“One week and one day ago. Wow.”
“They are after my Pachirisu because she knows Ember.”
“Well, they’ll most likely be after Raichu. He knows Ice Beam.”
“Fire and ice…” The girl walked to Shane. “Pachirisu, come on out!” Out of a Great Ball came a Pachirisu with pink stripes instead of a blue one. As it emerged, it sparkled.
“A shiny Pokémon. That’s a rare sight,” Shane said.
“I know. What’s your name?”
“I’m Shane.”
“My name is Kim. I’m from Jubilife City in the Sinnoh region.”
“That’s rather far from the Draconian region. Originally I lived in the Surfacia region, but three years ago had to move here.”
“I see. That Pikachu… How’d you get one?”
“Well, when Team Steel attacked, I threw my sword in the sky, which hit a balloon, and he was in a case. I got him out, and he wanted to join me on my journey.”
“Much like Pachirisu and I. In a way. She was in a glass case, and after I freed her, she followed me. Team Rocket tried to get me, but one Ember sent them blasting off to Kanto.”
“Wow. Kanto’s rather far. Her Ember must be very powerful.”
“Well, I wonder where my first Gym Battle will be…”
“Please, may I tag along?” Kim asked politely.
“Sure. If Team Steel and Spark try to attack you, they’ll have to get through me, and they’re after me too.”
“We’re in this together, then. And it’s dark soon. May I stay another night?”
“Ah, you’re awake.” Shane looked up and Kim turned around. “I wondered where you went off to.”
“You’re probably Shane’s mom?”
“Why, yes, I am. Did you tell her about me?”
“No, not really.”
“Ma’am, may I stay another night please?”
“You may stay as long as you need to. You’re always welcome here.”
“Thank you, ma’am. My name is Kim.”
“Nice meeting you, Kim. Come in, you two, else you’ll get a cold.”
“I won’t,” Shane said, “because I am immune to coldness. I’ll probably get a burn, though.”
“You like ice?”
“I like fire, so fire and ice again…”

The following day, Shane was training with his sword against a practice dummy whilst waiting for Kim to get ready. “Die, dummy, die!” Shane executed a perfect spinning slash with a rolling slash finisher. “That’s that for now…”
“Yeah, you don’t want to be too tired!” Kim said, standing at the door.
“Wha? Oh, morning. You’re finally ready?”
“No, I have yet to change. You remembered to get your Poké Balls from the professor, right?”
“Oh, uh, no. Thanks for reminding me.”
“Yeah. With that kind of memory, I’d probably have to join you on your adventures just to remind you.” Kim giggled, then went back inside.
“Okay.” Shane walked to the Pokémon lab, but he didn’t expect broken windows and a door with its lock picked by somebody. “Professor?” Shane opened the door, and found the lab in a total mess. “Oh no… This is bad. This is REALLY bad.”

After a while, Kim walked to Shane, who was annihilating every practice dummy nearby. “Shaun?”
“Oh, hey.”
“Why’re you venting your anger on the dolls? Y-you’re not angry with me, are you?”
“No. I’m angry at whoever took Professor Willow.”
Kim gasped as she looked at the lab. “Any clues?”
“Unfortunately, none.”
“So we have to buy Poké Balls, then. But what about a Pokédex?”
“Well, that’s a problem, but I don’t care much about that.”
“You need one, Shane.” Shane turned around, sheathing his sword. “How else will you know what Pokémon you could spot?”
“I know all the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova Pokémon. Every single one of them. Zorua evolves into Zoroark. Emolga has no evolution forms but it evolves from Squirshok. Solosis evolves into Duosion, who evolves into Reuniclus. Starly evolves into Staravia, then into Staraptor. Latios and Latias are legendary Pokémon in the Hoenn region. Celebi is known as the time travel Pokémon. Magikarp, a weak Pokémon, evolves into Gyarados which is a stronger Pokémon. This resulted in something called Magikarp Power.
“Wow. You’re like, a living Pokédex!”
“Not really. I don’t know all the Surfacian and Draconian Pokémon.”
Kim shivered. “It’s colder than I thought…”
“For you, maybe. I don’t feel cold, right, Raichu?”
Raichu nodded. “You’re not human, Shane,” Kim said as she put on a pair of black gloves.
“I know, that’s why I’m that agile to actually obliterate three ragdolls in one unarmed attack!”
Kim shook her head. “It's really cold…”
“Maybe we should go before night falls again and I’m unable to reach the first Gym.”
“Croagunk City is north of this town,” Kim said, shivering.
“I assume the Gym there is Poison-type?”
“Great. I’m not going to be much powerful against that type.”
“I’ve been there, too.” Kim held a badge case, which has three Gym Badges. “Croagunk City, Pichu City and Bellossom Town.”
“Pichu City is in North Draconia, and we’re in South Draconia. You travelled a long way. And got three more badges than I do.”
“I know. But you do realize that as Croagunk City’s Gym Leader is a user of Poison-type Pokémon, you’ll have to wear a biohazard suit or a gas mask to be able to survive in there?”
“What?” Shane was shocked.
“It’s true. Luckily I have a shiny Gardevoir too, who likes being humanlike, who used Psychic to beat them all.”
“A shiny Gardevoir doesn’t have green, he or she has blue.”
“Yep. Luckily I had enough Antidotes...”
“Bellossom Town is east of… Wait a second. Aron Village is in Southern Draconia, and is west from Bellossom City. So, I can challenge those Gyms instead, before heading to the others…”
“Two Gym Badges of each province of Draconia are required to enter the Pokémon League. Meaning, I need seven badges, one of which has to be from North Draconia, and the rest from the other provinces.” She sighed. “And I should warn you that all Shaie Kent’s Pokémon knows Sleep Powder and Stun Spore. She’s the Grass Gym Leader.”
“Who'd break into a Gym like that...”
“Team Rocket, Team Spark, Team Steel…”
“Oh... Well, I miss the Sylraphia region...”
“Sylraphia region? Never heard of it,” Shane said.
“Oh. Right. It’s west from Surfacia. I wonder when that other trainer will come to this region?”
“Who?” Shane asked.
“The one who has a Pikachu as well. He managed to reach the Sinnoh League, last time I saw him.”
“What’s his name?”
“I think Ash was his name… A Kanto Trainer.”
“That's new... How good is he?”
“He's a pretty good Trainer. His Pikachu actually managed to knock out a Latios... or was it a Latias?”
“Yeah, those two are confusing. Well, are you ready to go to Bellossom Town?”
“You’re still going there?”
“Yep. As long as those idiots don’t try to attack, we’re safe.”
“You mean, you’re safe.”
“Suit yourself. But in any case, are you ready?”
“Well, it’s winter. I hate winter. It’s so cold that I have to change again, so no, I’m not ready!” She walked in the house again.
“As she said, she hates winter. For her, it’s so cold that she wouldn’t be able to survive long enough. And with the robots in the forest these days, she’d probably end up a hostage on her first day. She’s lucky she wasn’t chased by Team Spark in the winter, else she’d end up a hostage and we’d never have met.” Raichu leapt onto Shane’s shoulder.
“You like her, don’t you?” asked a voice from behind.
“As a friend, and you wouldn’t happen to know where professor Willow is, would you, Jennifer?”
“She’s at her lab, isn’t she?” Jennifer asked.
“Her lab was broken into, she’s missing, so no, she isn’t,” Shane answered.
“Darn it! Team Steel must have had something to do with it!”
“Well, you’re probably here to torment Kim again?”
“Actually, no. I came here because of bad news. My sister called, said that our father had a heart attack.”
“Oh. Wait, your father? But my grandfather had one too…”
“Wait, your mother’s name is Eloise?”
“Yes… Wait, she’s your sister?”
“Yep. So, that makes me your aunt, and thus forces a truce between us.”
“Oh, hey, sis!” said Shane’s mother from the door. “Have you seen any members of Team Spark?” She wore rubber gloves, so she was going to wash dishes soon. Shaun knew it since she always wore gloves before, during and after she did so. Sometimes pink, sometimes yellow, and rarely green. Usually it’s green when something good happened to Shaun, since his favourite colour is green.
“Wait,” Kim said, shocked. “She’s your sister?”
“Yes, and that makes her my aunt, and once I beat Team Spark’s boss, she’s not going to be on their side. Apparently their boss kills those who leave without permission.”
“You’re… you’re with Team Spark?”
“Sorry, Eloise… But I thought that it was a group for saving Pokémon!”
“Well, he’s gonna beat your boss, right?” Kim asked.
“Hope so,” Jennifer answered.
“Well, let’s go now, Kim, before the Pokémon Center closes!” Shane said, and then ran to the town gate.
“Alright, I’m coming!” Kim ran past Jennifer. “Bye!”

When the two were halfway to the forest, Shane noticed Kim still shivering. “You’re still getting cold, aren’t you?” Kimberley nodded.
“This place is the coldest place ever...”
“And you’re still getting cold. Wow. You feel like you’re in Antarctica, whilst I feel like I’m in a volcano.”
“In this c-cold weather?”
“I’d rather join Team Steel than s-s-shiver to death!” Kimberley said softly.
“Yeah, but other travelers will run from you.”
“Oh, and there’s robots in the forest that try to kill people.”
“Yep, killer robots in the forest.”
“Whatever,” Kim replied. “Well… the forest’s dead ahead!”
“Not for you twerps!” said a familiar voice. The girl from Team Steel.
“Great. Them again!”
“Well, at least now they can’t hurt me!”
“But you, kid, on the other hand…” The girl lashed at Shane with a whip, which had thorns that cut his right hand badly.
“Ah!” Shaun collapsed on the ground, looking at his bleeding hand. “Great… Now I can’t use my right hand for a year or longer…”
“That’s the price you pay… for hurting my husband.”
“Shane!” Kim hugged Shane tightly. “Shane! You’ll be alright…”
“The thorns was poisoned. He’s gonna die soon, and you too. Our goal is to destroy the world! Except of course, for our base on the moon.”
“Oh no… I think… she's lying…” Shane said softly as the girl flew off on a jetpack.
“Yeah?” Kimberley asked.
“Well, it’ll be together at least. But I do have an antidote…” She took a first aid kit from her backpack, opened it, and took out a needle. “This will hurt, Shaun, but I have no choice. It’s either that or your possible death.”
“I’d rather… die than be… injected…” Kim ignored Shane and injected the antidote, which of course hurt a lot. “YEOW! THAT HURT THAT HURT THAT HURT!”
“There. The poison should be neutralized, but your bleeding’s bad.” She took a pair of rubber gloves and put them on, before searching for bandages to cover the wounds on Shane’s hand with. “And I think your fear of needles... are a bit overkill.”
“What!?” Shane replied. Then, after a while, he slowly said, “You’re nicer than… anyone else your age that I… know.”
“I am?” Kim asked, shocked.
“Yep. I know a lot of people your age, and they all hate me. They even throw me with rocks.”
“You poor thing…”
“I’m not a thing; I’m a Pokémon trainer and swordsteen.” Kimberley giggled. “Well, at least that cheered you up a bit… did it not?”
“Yeah, it did.” She smiled as she bandaged Shaun’s wounds. “Well, hopefully it will help.”
“I’m right-handed. Until then, I can’t participate in any sort of battle.”
“Oh…” Kim sighed.
“What was that for?”
“I feel sorry for you, Shane.” Kim looked upwards.
“What about the killer robots?”
“I don’t care about them. I…” She hugged Shane tightly. “Oh, Shane… Promise me that you won't go doing stupid things...”
“Uhhhh... I promise?”
“Heh,” Kim said, “you asked. You really don't feel the cold?”
“... Heat tends to make me easier to anger, and as a result I annihilate stuff. I almost destroyed an entire city once, just because it was in a desert...” Shane sighed.
“What do you mean?”
“Remember that room that you used back at my house? That was... That was my sister's room...”
“Your sister?”
“Yeah. She's... dead because of me. Since then... Since that fateful day, I trained with a sword. If I cause more destruction, I can end it before it's too late.”
Suicide?! Are you out of your mind!?”
“Well,” Shane said slowly after a while, “I guess I can't keep a secret. My mother told me to keep that about my sister secret.”
“I'll tell nobody. But Shane...”
He smiled. “Let's just go to the nearest town before you freeze to death.”
Kim smiled as well. “Finally.”

I seek the Truth!

"Isliota des Vornii... ETERNITY'S DEMISE!"

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 Post subject: Re: Pokémon Spark and Steel
PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:49 pm 
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Super Inhuman
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Betrayal of an Ally

After spending the night in the Pokémon Center of Tentacool Town, Shane and Kim resumed their journey. On Route 13 of Draconia, however, something happened…
“So, it looks like we’re unable to cross Aria Bridge,” Kim muttered.
“Yep, we’re pretty much stuck on South Draconia, then,” Shane replied sorrowfully.
“Don’t worry about it,” a mysterious voice said behind them. Shane and Kim both turned around as a Lilligant was sent out. “Sleep Powder.”
All of a sudden, the two Trainers lose consciousness. All is blank. Shane can feel someone picking him up and throwing him into a coffin or something. Then he heard an engine or something… What was going on?


Shane woke up first. They were inside a prison cell. “My head…”
“… You are awake, yes?” ask a mysterious person who wore the uniform of Team Steel.
“What do you want?” Shane asked furiously as Kim recovered.
“What do we want? I don’t really know. The boss ordered us to do so, she’s in another region at the moment. As soon as she returns, you’ll be doomed, apparently. She’s planning on sending you to your home regions, that’s all I know.”
Shane was even more furious. “Who are you, you fiends?”
“Be careful, Shane!” Kim whispered. “They can kill us!”
The other mysterious person stood up. “Look here, you two. We don’t want you two dead. We want you two alive.”
The first mysterious person walked forward. “I am Shlare Rhodes. You two have been sleeping for quite a while, and none of you complained about being hungry or thirsty or anything. One full week… It’s amazing.”
“ONE FULL WEEK?!” Kim said in shock. It wasn’t possible… was it?
“Yep,” the unknown person replied. “I’m Shlare’s sister, Alexis.”
Kim shivered. Shane noticed this. “Are you still getting cold?”
“Oh,” Shlare said, “that’s our fault, we left the air conditioning on.”
“So where’s Professor Willow? Did you kill her?” Shane asked furiously.
“Uhhh, no, she’s in the Ratia region. The boss took her along to prevent her from aiding you two in any way.”
“The Ratia region?” Kim asked curiously. “I never heard of it. I’ve heard of Surfacia, Draconia, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova, but never before of Ratia!”
“So where are we?” Shane asked.
“Team Steel HQ,” Alexis answered.
“You two make a cute couple,” Shlare said. Kim blushed.
“W-w-what?!” Shane exclaimed. “Are you out of your minds!? Where do you get that!?”
“Berserk button,” Alexis muttered.
“Sheesh, I was just saying!” Shlare said nonchalantly.
“So you want us alive?” Shane asked, still furious.
“Why wouldn’t we want you alive?” Shlare retorted.
“Do you have any reason why you want us alive?”
“Why do you think that we want you alive for a specific reason?”
“Do you like answering a question with a question?” Kim asked.
“What do you mean?” Shlare retorted. Then she sighs. “You got me there,” she muttered.
“Our lives are abnormal,” Shane said. “I have a Pikachu that uses Ice-type moves, and Kim has a Pachirisu capable of using Fire-type moves…”
“Yeah,” Kim said, suddenly calm.
“So now what?”
“You’ll need to wait for the boss to return, so that you can defeat her and return to Earth,” Alexis said.
“Earth?!” Kim exclaimed.
“Yep,” Shlare replied. “We’re on the moon.”
“WHAT?!” Shane shouted in shock.
“We’ve got teleporters to Earth HQ, though. Anyway, you two should rest,” Alexis said. “Come on out, Lilligant, and use Sleep Powder.”
Another short time passes and the two Trainers lose consciousness…


Shane woke up in a ruined castle. “Where am I…?”
Text appeared above his head. Shane read it:

Ruined Castle of Solitude, Entrance

“What in blazes?” Shane asked himself. Then he felt the ground shaking.
“Thou shall perish here, mortal.” A giant entered the room, holding a massive hammer.
“Oh shipwrecksauce…”
Floating words appeared again. This time it read:

BOSS FIGHT! Versus Thorhammer, Giant of the Castle!

“Go away,” Shane muttered. Then the giant fell forward, and Shane had to leap backwards to avoid getting crushed. “Hey! What gives?”
“Shane? Is that you?” someone asked from another room.
Shane ran around the massive giant, and found the room. He entered it and found Kim. “Kim!”
“I missed you,” she said, blushing. When Shane didn’t respond, she added, “the giant wasn’t a giant. It was a robot. I threw the batteries with a dagger.”
“I always carry two daggers with me.” Then Kim smiled as she opened a chest behind her. “Take this.”
She held a gas mask. Shane screamed and ran all the way to where he woke up. “PLEASE DON’T EAT ME!!”
Kim sighed. She put it on and walked to Shane. “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you…”
Shane ran again, but he collided with a wall. “… I’m starving…”
“Shane,” Kim shouted. “Bestie!”
“Please… just don’t eat me!” Shane shouted.
“If you won’t take it, I’ll force it on you,” Kim said in a cold voice. Then Shane spotted something on the ground. A sword. A sharp sword. He grabbed it and cleaved a pillar in half.
‘Wow, the bricks in this place must be weak,’ he thought to himself. Then he struck at Kim, but the blade broke. “What the?!”
“Nice try. I’m completely immortal. Soon, you will be too,” Kim said. Then in an instant, she kicks Shane in the stomach, and forces a gas mask over his head. “Now, who do we kill?”
“How about home?” Shane asked in a cold voice.

“Gyah!” Shane leapt to the ground. Then he noticed that he was back in the prison cell. “What… But…”
Shane turned to face Kim. She was just as frightened as he was. “You’re not going to eat me, are you?”
Kim smiled. “I don’t eat people.” Then she frowned. “That nightmare was horrible, though.”
“You had one where a giant tried to kill me but you killed it?”
“Actually,” an unfamiliar voice said, “that’s my fault. Sorry, I was busy training my Unipone.” A girl in Team Steel’s uniform walked to the bars. “Evil Unipone can cause nightmares while good Unipone can give people good dreams.”
“Who are you?” Shane asked in an angry voice.
“You still have some serious anger issues. Anyway, I’m the boss of team Steel. Who else could I be?”
“A kid who’s forced to work for them?” Kim asked.
“Nope. Thanks to Team Steel’s previous boss, I’m still alive. Pity he died of a heart attack one and a half years ago…”
“What do you want?” Shane asked furiously.
“I want to know if you want to join our team. If you don’t, I’ll kill you.”
Shane went into another rage. “WE WILL NEVER JOIN YOU, EVER!”
“I will,” Kim said.
“What?!” Shane asked in shock. Then he feels something hard hit his head. “OW!”
“Okay, so bashing him over the head with a lamp won’t work,” the boss of Team Steel said. Then she opened the cage and grabbed Shane. “But you can’t escape.”
Shane was still furious. “I won’t… I WON’T GIVE IN…”
Then all went black. Kim had knocked him out with chloroform or something. Shane couldn’t help but feel worried about his parents… What if he was forced to become evil like in his nightmare? What if his mother was murdered brutally?

Shane woke up, and found himself hanging near a lake. There was a Sharpedo trying to bite him continuously. “HEY! LEMME DOWN FROM HERE!”
“Sorry,” someone said from above, who Shane took to be Team Steel’s boss, “you have to pay. Hey, you. Kill him and you will officially be a member of Team Steel. Otherwise, you’ll just join him and I will kill the both of you.”
“Got it,” a familiar voice said. It was Kim.
“Kim! Don’t do it!”
“I actually understand the reasons why she is doing this, Shane, something that you will never be able to get.”
“Oh no. Adios self, and guten tag, Sharpedo meat… Huh?” He noticed that his hands were tied up with rope. ‘Hmmm… I still have a way out of here,’ he thought.
“Hurry up, Kim,” the boss said.
“Ah, whatever. Kim, please hurry up and make me die by cutting the rope,” Shane said.
“Wow! I’m actually impressed! He actually asked you to murder him! It takes a genius to know when there is no way out.”
“Goodbye, Shane. Oh, by the way, Raichu? He’s mine.” Kim started to cut the rope. Eventually it broke.
“Aha!” Shane kicked the cliff wall and broke the rope with his hands, grabbing a nearby branch. “It does take a genius to know when there’s no escape, but it takes a better genius to know how to escape hopeless situations like this one!” Shane then leapt upwards and started running up against the cliff wall.
“What the?!” the boss of Team Steel exclaimed. “But how?!”
Shane remembered his training. It involved breaking handcuffs when necessary, and his training was intense enough to allow him to run up walls for a short time. All this at the age of nine, when his sister was killed… He shook his head, he didn’t want to remember it. Shane leapt sideways to the direction of the lake, and landed on the Sharpedo. Then he leapt to the other side of the cliff, running upwards again.
“How did I miss the branch?!” Kim said softly.
“Well, shoot him, or something,” her boss said.
“I don’t have a gun, but I have a dagger,” Kim said as she took a dagger from her bag. She threw it at Shane, and it nearly hit his neck.
“Gyah!” Shane shouted. He leapt upwards now until he reached the top, but another dagger cut his arm and part of his shirt’s sleeve. Shane leapt to the direction of Kim and the Team Steel boss, but then an Ice Beam appears in his hands.
“Is he… a Pokémon?!” Kim asked.
“What…” Shane didn’t notice until he looked at it, then he crashed through the cliff and lost consciousness…

I seek the Truth!

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The Ghostly Alliance

Three days after Shane had crashed through the cliff, he came to. Many Pokémon were watching him, with worried expressions in their eyes. “Magius? Mismagius?” a Mismagius asked. Shane could understand Pokémon speak, somehow.
“I’m fine, I think.”
“Chu, chu pichu chu pi?” a Pichu asked.
“I thought I was going to land on top of the cliff. Instead, I crashed into it. That’s how I got through there,” Shane said, pointing to the hole in the cliff wall.
“Chansey! Chans chans, chansey?”
Shane leapt up. “Three days?! Man, that must have hurt more than I thought… But I’m okay. Where is the exit?”
“Pichu,” replied a Pichu, in a sad way. He pointed to boulders blocking the exit.
“The exit’s there?”
“I can move them,” Shane said. Then he walked to it, and punched all of them to pieces, save for one boulder. “Or break them.” Shane pushed the last boulder into a hole in the ground, allowing Pokémon to enter the forest or cave at will.
The Pokémon cheered as Pichu went to Shane. “Chu pi?”
“If I pass through here, I’ll visit. I promise!”
“Oh, hey, Shaun!” a familiar voice called. Shane turned around.
“Hello, aunt Jennifer,” Shane replied politely.
“What are you doing here? Found anything on professor Willow?”
“Nope, no luck. I woke up in the cave nearby after I somehow crashed into it.”
“How on Earth did you manage to do that?” Jennifer asked. She looked genuinely shocked.
“I tried to escape from Team Steel’s boss, and their newest member. She used to be my friend, but now she’s a traitor!”
“What?! Kimberley’s with them now?”
“Yep. Worst of all, she took Raichu as well. I’m basically alone here.”
“Well, I could lend you my Patrat, it can use Bite, Leer, Detect and Tackle. Here.” Jennifer handed Shane a Poké Ball.
“Patrat aren’t native to Draconia,” he said slowly.
Jennifer smiled. “But they are native to Draconia.”
“And you can train that Patrat, if you want to. I’ve had that one from an Egg since I was fifteen. I still have two Watchog. Ah, memories…” Jennifer trailed off.
“What’s its level?”
“Oh, I think it’s level thirteen. Oh, and here are six Poké Balls and 5000 dollars. You probably don’t know this, but me and your mother, we’re from a very rich family.”
“Ah, thanks, aunt Jennifer!”
“I see my friends helped you recover, you don’t seem hurt!”
“When I was 15, I left home. I had a fight with my mother, who claimed that I won’t be able to befriend Pokémon.” She walked to the Pichu, who gracefully leapt to her shoulder.
“You followed a route and got here, and the Pokémon were in bad shape?”
“You know, your mother was right when she said that you were telepathic in your own way. You are correct, these Pokémon were in bad shape, so I nursed them all to health. I have a Pikachu that came with me because of this. We’re almost inseparable!” Jennifer laughed.
“Wow, that’s neat!” Shane exclaimed.
“Yep, it is! Unfortunately, there will come a time that you’ll have to face Team Steel. Kimberley will most likely keep her Pokémon in Poké Balls that were designed by Team Steel, which turns all Pokémon into Dark-type Pokémon that keep their first type. Not good.”
“Wait, as in, Dark Poké Balls?”
“Depends on her rank…” Jennifer said slowly.
“I vaguely remember that her uniform was to be made especially for her, with the logo of Team Steel and her name on it…”
“What?! What was she trying to do, kill you?”
“Yep. But it got me free, thanks to my intense swordsteenship training.”
“You mean, swords-man-ship.”
“Swords-teen-ship. I’m a teenager.”
Jennifer sighed. “Your mother also told me that you are a serious teenager who takes everything literally, including idioms…”
“Yeah, that’s what I am,” Shane said, smiling.
“Your mother’s worried about you, you haven’t spoken to her in weeks!”
“What?! Wow, being a prisoner and nearly getting murdered takes a lot of time…”
“You were their prisoner?!”
“With Kim, yeah, until she joined them. I’m still alive.”
“How? This is really unusual…”
“I almost fired an Ice Beam at them before I collided with the cliff, too…”
“What?! Don’t tell stories, Shane.”
“I’m not.” Shane focused his energy on his hand, and soon a small ball of ice formed.
“Wait a second… You’re just like your grandparents… They could control ice. Maybe you got that ability from your mother, I don’t know. She never had it…”
Shane sighed. “I’ll ask her about it.”
“Anyway, be careful in this forest. There’s a girl with a Kirlia here and she’s very dangerous.”
“How come?”
“Nobody knows. Anyway, you should get going, unless you want to stay here and not go to Torterra City.”
“Thanks, aunt Jennifer. Bye!” Shane ran off into the forest as his aunt walked into the cave.

However, it got so misty a few hours later that Shane had to walk slowly. “What’s with this mist?”
“Who said that?”
“I did. Let’s battle!”
“I can’t see you, this stupid mist is annoying me!”
The mist lifted. A red-haired girl was standing in front of him. “Now you can. If you win, you may leave. Otherwise… you’ll be a prisoner! For life.”
“Kirlia…” her Kirlia added.
“Is that why my aunt told me to be careful?” Shane wondered.
“Hang on…” The girl walked closer. “You’re not a member of Team Spark or Team Steel, are you?”
“What?! Definitely not!” Shane shouted, then he continued at full speed: “My only friend joined them after she almost murdered me in cold blood! I had escaped death narrowly by using acrobatics and crashing into a cliff wall just to escape her and her boss! I have a Patrat that my aunt, who used to be with Team Spark, gave me!”
The girl stared at him, then dropped her bag. “What? I can’t even comprehend what you said!”
“Do I talk that fast?”
“Yes, you do!”
“Sorry. Look, I was almost murdered by my friend. She joined Team Steel three days ago.”
“Traitor,” the girl said as she slowly sat on the ground, next to her bag.
“A member of Team Spark is my aunt, who decided that she would leave Team Spark if her boss is defeated, because if she leaves now, she’ll get murdered by the boss.”
“So what?”
“She gave me a Patrat, in case I run into wild Pokémon or Trainers.”
“She’s kind, in her own way, big deal.”
“After trying to escape Team Steel’s boss, and my so-called friend, I crashed into a cliff, and was unconscious for three days. I woke up in the cave, with Pokémon that my aunt helped from illness.”
“So, your aunt helped Pokémon in this cave?”
“Yep. She did so when she was fifteen. She told me a few hours ago. She’s there with them, now…”
The girl was now staring at Shane. “She could be a liar.”
“I trust her!” Shane said angrily. “Now I have to find her best friend, a Pokémon professor, who was kidnapped! When that happened, my life went from terrible, to very terrible, to beyond the worst that can happen!” Shane turned around quickly. “I can’t believe that a close friend joined enemies that were once hated…” Shane sighed. “Doesn’t matter anymore, though. She hates me…” Shane slammed his fist against a tree. “I will defeat Team Steel, by sword or by Pokémon or by ice abilities!”
“I control ice.” Shane created a ball of ice.
“I… I… I’m sorry,” the girl said. Shane turned around to see tears trickling down her cheeks. She leapt up, ran to him and hugged him.
“Who are you?”
“I can’t say,” the girl said, stepping back. “I won’t!”
“Ah, most people don’t trust me anyway. They always hurt me in some way. Throwing me with rocks, Poké Balls, grenades, Voltorb, Foongus…”
“W-w-what?!” The girl said, almost tripping over her own bag. “I… I guess I know how you feel…” The girl sighed. “When I was younger, it had happened to me as well. I’m not what you think I am.”
The girl began to glow white. In seconds, she turned into a Yamask! “See what I mean?”
“A t-t-t-talking Yamask?!”
“Yes. I’d rather die than be a Yamask, though!”
“How did this happen?”
“It happened when I died as a human. Team Spark and Team Steel were battling each other, and I didn’t notice it until it was too late… Team Steel’s Sneazing and Team Spark’s Muk both used Poison Gas… That’s how I died.”
“If I had known, I’d probably… I’d probably have been much nicer earlier… Sorry.”
“It’s okay…” The Yamask looked up and gasped. “Kirlia!”
“It looks like it’s evolving,” Shane said. “Into a Gardevoir.”
“I see… Maybe we should join you,” the Yamask said, looking at Shane.
“You really want to?”
“Yes. Although you’ll need to battle my Gardevoir first!”
“Great! I haven’t battled yet since the day I got Raichu, so I can probably see how skilled I am without my Pikachu.”
“I won’t be going easy on you, though!” the Yamask said as she transformed into her human form. “What do you mean, Raichu? You had a Pikachu?”
“Yeah, I nicknamed him Raichu. What’s your name?” Shane asked.
“… It was Carrie. My sister Sjane and my friend Chris both think that I’ve died. I did, but still. Let’s battle…”

“Go! Patrat!” Shane shouted as he sent out his aunt’s Patrat.
“Gardevoir, go!” Carrie said softly.
Patrat dropped a Master Ball. “Pat? Patrat!” Shane picked it up.
“Wow, either you have the Pickup ability, or my aunt gave you that item,” Shane said. “Now, use Bite! And I know I’ll lose this battle, Gardevoir’s level thirty, and Patrat’s level thirteen…”
“Use Hypnosis!”
Hypnosis wasn’t accurate, but Patrat’s Bite was super effective and dealt a critical hit. In addition, Gardevoir flinched.
“Gardevoir! Snap out of it!” Carrie shouted worriedly.
“Now, use Bite once more!”
Patrat bit Gardevoir’s arm, but she retaliated by shaking it up and down and throwing Patrat upwards. “Psychic, go!”
“Patrat, Detect!”
Psychic had no effect, but Shane didn’t know that it was for a different reason than Detect. “Now, use Hypnosis!”
Nothing happened. “Huh?” Shane looked at the Poké Ball. “WHAT?! A Dark Poké Ball!?”
Gardevoir fainted. “Gardevoir! Return!” Carrie shouted. Then she tossed the Poké Ball to Shane, who caught it. “Throw me with this Dream Ball,” she said as she handed Shane a Dream Ball.
Shane was surprised. “This can capture any Pokémon…”
“Yeah. Was going to use it on a Victini, but I died…” Shane threw the ball at Carrie, who transformed into a Yamask. “Ow!” She went inside, and the Poké Ball fell to the ground.
“Sorry about that,” Shane said as he picked up Carrie’s Poké Ball. Shane smiled. He was dreaming, he was sure of it. He took his fist and punched himself hard on the jaw, knocking himself into a tree and accidentally sending out Carrie. “Ow!”
“Are you okay?” she asked as she turned into her human form.
“I think so…” Shane replied.
“Hey! What are you doing to my nephew?” a familiar voice shouted. It was Jennifer.
“Relax, aunt Jennifer. She and her Gardevoir is with me now. I’m planning on avenging her death,” Shane said. Jennifer walked up to him and looked at him as though he was crazy.
“You see, ma’am, I used to be a human, but after Team Spark and Team Steel murdered me seven years ago, I somehow… managed to survive and become a Yamask.”
Jennifer turned around to see Carrie transform into a Yamask. Jennifer sighed. “I must be dreaming.”
“I thought so too,” Shane said, “which resulted in me punching myself. Needless to say,” Shane added with a smile, “that hurt!”
“Hang on… What Pokémon was involved in the battle?” Jennifer asked suddenly.
“A Sneazing and a Muk. Both had used Poison Gas, and I didn’t notice it until I started dying,” Carrie answered. “I will never forgive their Trainers…”
“Oh no,” Jennifer said as she took a Poké Ball out of her handbag.
“What?” Carrie asked.
Shane sighed. “Don’t tell me it was you?” he asked.
After a long silence, Jennifer finally answered Shane’s question. “Yes.”
Shane immediately broke a branch off a tree. “Shane,” Carrie said softly, “no. Let me take it from here. She’s one of the two people who killed me, after all.”
“I’m so sorry,” Jennifer said. “Had I known that someone was going to pass through I would use my Staraptor and defeat that Muk quickly enough!” She began to cry as Shane swung the branch above his head.
“At least Team Steel isn’t nearby,” Shane mumbled. “Whether you’ll leave Team Spark or not, I will never forgive you.”
“She has changed since that day,” Carrie said suddenly. “She’s not the murderous Team Spark member I remember her as…”
“Aw, look, a Team Spark member, our boss’ worst enemy, and his friend!” a sudden voice shouted. Shane looked around and found two Team Steel members.
“Oh no!” Shane shouted.
“This looks bad! Come on out, Emolga and Joltik!” Jennifer shouted.
“Hah! We’re more powerful! Grimer, Muk, Raistench, go!” one of the Team Steel members shouted.
“C’mon out, Trubbish, Weezing and Swalot!” the other member shouted.
“Oh yeah? Go! Gardevoir!” Shane shouted.
“We’re going to die,” Carrie said softly. “All of those are Pokémon that can use—”
“No they won’t,” Shane said quickly.
“Grimer, Muk, Raistench, Poison Gas!” the Team Steel member shouted.
“Swalot, Trubbish and Weezing, the same!” the other Team Steel member shouted.
“We’re all gonna die!” Carrie exclaimed.
“Oh no you don’t! Carrie, use Ominous Wind! Gardevoir, Psychic! Patrat, Bite! I’m gonna do something nobody here will expect! Let’s see how you like this!”
Everyone looked at Shane. “What?” Jennifer asked.
“FROZENKEN!” Shane shouted and fired a powerful Ice Beam at all the Pokémon that was about to kill them, encasing them in ice.
Everyone was shocked, except for Jennifer, who had known about it. “That’s Ice Beam, Shane, or are you going to name all your attacks?”
Patrat bit one of the Team Steel members while Gardevoir used Psychic to get the group together.
“Now it’s my turn!” Carrie shouted. “OMINOUS WIND!” A sudden gust blew, sending Team Steel flying.
“Looks like they’re blasting off at last,” Jennifer said, smiling.
“Sweet!” Carrie exclaimed. “We showed them!”
“Yeah. I guess normal people will think that you’re a sorceress, Carrie,” Shane said. “Gardevoir, Patrat, return!”
“Joltik, Emolga, return,” Jennifer said. Then she glanced up. “Looks like our path home is set.”
“Huh?” Shane and Carrie looked at Jennifer, then looked up. Three Staraptor were landing.
“C’mon, climb on, and let’s fly home!” Jennifer said excitedly. Shane, Carrie and Jennifer climbed atop the Staraptor and flew home.

Hours later, they landed in Neos Town, near Shane’s house.
“We’ll be here for a few minutes,” Carrie said as Jennifer walked to Shane’s house.
“Huh?” Shane sighed. “Well, I wonder…”
“Star?” a Staraptor looked at Shane as the other two flew off. “Staraptor!”
“He wants to stay with you, Shane,” Carrie said.
Shane took a Poké Ball and tossed it to Staraptor, and after a while, the Poké Ball remained still. Shane picked it up. “I got a Staraptor. Patrat, Gardevoir, Yamask and now a Staraptor. What’s next, a toaster?” Shane asked. Carrie smiled as she ran off to Shane’s house.
Shane ran after her. “Wait up!”
Carrie ran into the house, past Jennifer, as Shane slowed down. He walked quick enough, and when he entered the house…
“Son, sis. Come on in, and please put on those suits that are on the couch,” Shane’s mother said. She then disappeared into the kitchen.
“Huh?” Carrie was surprised. “Why was she wearing Team Steel’s uniform? Without the logo or emblem or whatever?”
“I dunno,” Jennifer said, “but we had best do as she asked, just in case.”
“No,” Shane said. “I’d rather get killed than…”
“Same here,” Carrie said.
“Alright,” Jennifer said sceptically.
Shane went to his room, Carrie following him because she is a Pokémon with Illusion (or something). His mother knocked on the door. “Shane?”
“Why didn’t you do as I asked you to?”
“Because I’d rather die than join Team Steel!”
“You’re not joining them, Shane, you’re keeping yourself alive! Team Steel is planning on murdering the entire region around midnight!”
Carrie gasped. “Murdering Surfacia!?”
“Yes,” Shane’s mother said. “Jennifer told me that you’re a Yamask, by the way.”
“We’d best think of a plan,” Carrie said, “before Team Steel…”
“Too late,” Shaun said, looking out the window. “And knowing Kim and her new boss, it’s gonna last for longer than forever!” Shane opened the window, and jumped out.
“Shane!” Carrie looked out as well, turned into a Yamask, and floated out behind Shane.
“Teenagers,” Eloise said, as she went downstairs.
“I agree, sis,” Jennifer replied, walking to her sister. “You were also like that when we were young.”
“I know,” Eloise replied quickly.

“They’re going all out,” Shane said, holding his sword skywards.
“Who?” Carrie asked. “Team Steel? Where?”
Shane threw his sword and struck something that now turned visible – a balloon. His sword returned to his hand. “There.”
“So, Newman,” Kim began, but was rudely interrupted by Shane.
“Neumann. Nooi-man.”
“Whatever. We meet again,” Kim said. “Now, you and your new friend will die, along with your aunt!”
“What about my sister?” Jennifer asked, running to Shane.
“Yeah, why’s Mom the only one who will survive?” Shane asked.
“Oh, she’s working with us,” Kim’s boss said.
“What?!” Jennifer looked at Shane’s mother. “That’s not true, is it?”
“It is. It was us who killed Carrie when she was still human.”
This shocked both Shane and Carrie. “WHAT?!”
“If I had known you wouldn’t join us, I would never have done it,” Eloise said.
“What, kill Carrie?” Shane said angrily.
“No. Make you immortal.”
“Immortal?” Kim asked. “You’d make an enemy immortal!?”
“I implanted a special sort of device inside of him that prevents him from aging and death. You are immortal as well, Kim.”
“What?!” Shane and Kim shouted simultaneously.
“When you two lost consciousness on Route 13 of Draconia, she did it,” the boss of Team Steel said. “It was under my orders that she attacked you with her Lilligant.”
“What?!” Shane asked in fury as Kim leapt out of the balloon and walked to Shane, as Jennifer walked backwards.
“I’m just as shocked as you are, Shane,” she replied.
His aunt was with Team Spark; his friend was with Team Steel, that Shane knew. But his mother being with Team Steel? He had enough of this. “I guess this is it, then. The end,” he said. He stabbed himself through the chest with his sword.
“SHANE!” Kim shouted.
Shane pulled his sword out, and his wound regenerated instantly. “Aw man, now I’m going to remain alive forever!”
“So your mother and my boss told the truth? So I’m immortal as well…?”
“It works,” Eloise said. “After you almost killed yourself when you were eight, I had to do something to prevent it. And I’m happy to say that it’s a success!”
Shane then turned around. “Time to end this.” Shane began to charge his Ice Beam.
“Shane?” Kim asked.
“But how…?”
“… ZEN…”
“Shane! Don’t!” Kim shouted.
“… KEN!” Shane turned around and fired an ice beam at Team Steel’s boss.
“Frozenken!” she shouted, countering Shane’s ice beam with her own.
“What?!” Shane exclaimed.
“No way!” Kim shouted.
“Sorry, brother. But I’d hate to get encased in ice only to be immune to it,” the boss said.
“Brother?!” Eloise said in shock. “But Shane killed Shaie by accident years ago!”
“I would have been dead, if Team Steel’s previous boss didn’t help me. His Conkeldurr saved my life. I wanted revenge, so I joined. When he died of a heart attack, I was promoted to the leader of Team Steel, and used my unusually high intelligence and my perfect leadership abilities to lead them to glory. A lot happened has happened three months ago…”
“Yeah,” Jennifer said. “You tried to kill your own brother!”
“Well, revenge, right? He doesn’t have control over his anger! He can destroy the world if he felt like it!”
“WRONG!” Shane shouted.
“Mother, could you perhaps do what you did to him and Kim? The immortality thing?”
“I will try,” Eloise replied. Then Shane fell to the ground. The last thing he heard was everybody around him shouting his name, then… silence.

I seek the Truth!

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Memories are Made to Fade Away

Shane found himself stuck inside a weird capsule-like thing. He heard people talking. “Don’t worry. He’s gonna be fine!”
“Pi-KA-chu!” a Pokémon shouted.
“No need to worry, right?” a second person exclaimed.
“I guess so,” a familiar voice said. “How long has it been, 45 years?”
“Yeah. I’m actually glad that Mom did what she did. Otherwise he’d be dead,” another familiar voice said.
“Unfortunately, though, all this is your fault,” a third familiar voice said. “If it wasn’t for him losing consciousness, this wouldn’t have happened. Only fifty people are alive in Draconia, after all.”
Shane closed his eyes. Then he saw a five-headed monster with red eyes, extremely sharp fangs and powerful claws. A Deino, a Zweilous, a Hydreigon, and a Viergondra accompanied it. “Drafünflamm!”
Shane was startled and hit his head against the ceiling of this prison. “OW!”
“He’s awake!” Kim shouted excitedly. “He’s finally awake!”
“What?!” Carrie replied.
“Shane?” Shaie asked.
“Shane! Can you hear me?” Kim asked, still excited.
“Huh?” Shane was surprised.
“He can hear us,” Shaie said.
“Where am I?” Shane asked angrily.
“You’re in Neos Town, at home. I’m Ash, from Pallet Town in Kanto.”
“Pika, pika pikachu!” a Pikachu said. Shane had no idea if it even was a Pikachu, however, as he couldn’t see a thing other than darkness.
“I’m Dawn from Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh!”
“… I must be hallucinating,” Shane said. Rage was building up within him, and he struggled to keep it under control. Then he sighed, and lost consciousness again…

“Hey, you’re at DRA-001-2030543431-EARTH in the past. Good luck!”
“I’m definitely hallucinating!” Shane cut off the kid’s head, which turned out to be a robot, which hurt his bare hand with just a scratch. “You are not real. Nothing here is!”
“Very well,” someone said, who sounded like Shaie when she was 8 years old. No, the day before Shane thought his evil, dark side killed her. “But the one person who’s closest to you is. In the present, she is even closer than you think. She is in this past place, somewhere where you can’t see her without wandering.”
Shane ran in the voice’s direction. “Again, you are not real!” he shouted.
“But I am Shaie, am I not?”
“NO.” Shane cut the robot in half, this time with his sword. “NO NO NO!” Shane destroyed the robot beyond recognition. “NOBODY HERE IS REAL!”
“I am,” said a terrified voice behind him. “I am real. You look different in here than back home, however.”
“Kim?” Shane turned around.
“Yep. I don’t know how I got here, though.”
“Well, you’ll still want me dead.”
“No. Not anymore. You see, I happen to have abilities as well. One of them being telepathy with those I trust. Forty-five years is too long a time for me to wait for you to recover!”
“Oh? Well, stop my crazy evil sister from killing humanity and then we’ll talk again.”
“How? Whilst she dragged you to your bed in the real world and not this hallucination dream world or whatever, she actually said that she wished that she hadn’t been nearly killed by you and that if she had a Celebi she’d go back in time to murder that time’s Shaie and replace her.”
Shane was surprised. His sister, who wanted to make certain that no more lives on Earth exist, actually wanted to kill herself in the past to replace her so that she won’t die. He remembered the day before he nearly killed Shaie.

It was in Cacnea City, a city in the desert, where sandstorms were frequent. His sister was talking to another girl, who also had red hair. She looked like a younger version of Carrie…
“Hey, Shane!” Shane turned around. “Could you tell your sister and her friend that she can come over for dinner tonight?”
“Sure thing, mother!” Shane ran to the two girls. “Mom wants me to tell you that your friend may come over to have dinner with us.”
“I’ll have to ask my parents. They’re over there. Maybe they can be invited too,” said the red-haired girl, pointing at the Pokémon Center.
“Gotcha.” Shane ran to his mother again. “Mother?”
“I’m busy, Shane…”
Shane lowered his head. There was a Rattata on the ground, running around in circles. “Heh. Hey, little Rattata…” Shane crouched to pet it, and it ran to the Poké Mart.
“Okay, what was it?”
“The girl said that she has to ask her parents.”
“Where are they?”
“Inside the Pokémon Center.”
“Okay, I’ll invite them too. Luckily your grandfather has a holiday house here that we may use whenever we want to. What’s her name?”
“I don’t know. I’ll go ask her.” Shane ran to Shaie and her friend.
“What now?”
“Mom wants to know what her name is.”
“I’m Carrie Handschuhklinge. They’re in the Pokémon Center now, so you may have to go with your mother.”
“Okay. Shaie, you’re awfully quiet.”
Shaie remained silent. “Shaie,” Carrie began to ask, “what’s wrong?”
“Something bad is gonna happen tomorrow, I assume?”
“Yep… I am going to die…”
Carrie gasped and Shane staggered. “Die?!” Carrie asked softly.
“Whoa, that’s way worse than I thought! I thought that a huge army of Dragonite Riders would attack Cacnea Town!”
“No, that’s probably going to be in a few years. Don’t tell Mom, please, Shane!”
“I won’t. You know that Mom hates you having premonitions.”
“Uh huh. She once hired somebody to keep Shaie unconscious by using a Pokémon that knew moves that could cause sleep.”
“I was forced to be knocked out with Sleep Powder of either a Lilligant, or a Bellossom. Still didn’t work, so she tried using her Koffing’s Poison Gas attack.”
“P-p-poison Gas?! You’re not serious!” Carrie said softly.
“When was this?” Shane asked angrily. Her mother attempted to murder her own daughter in order to stop her premonitions, Shane had thought.
“After Grandma died. You went to Grandpa to keep his mind off suicide. And yes, Carrie, I’m serious. Luckily she injected me with an antidote that would work for three months, otherwise I’d be dead or something.”
“Wow. That’s bad! I’d have told Officer Jenny by now.”
“Well, she’s alive, right? That’s what is important. If she died while I was at Grandpa, I’d probably be lied to until I was 15, and then find out that Mom’s a killer robot and that I’m next. Of course, that would probably not happen, but I have to tell Mom before it’s too late.” Shane sighed. “I wish I was able to do something.”
“Right. Oh, and after you tell her, you could come with us if you want to. We’re going to see if we can get a Celebi in sight.”
“It’s a cute Pokémon, Shane!”
“I know. I saw one in a dream I had once. See ya!” Shane ran to his mother. “She’s called Carrie, and…” His mother simply walked to the Pokémon Center. Shaun had to run to keep up. “Mom?”
“Wha? Oh, there you are.”
“Mother, there are her parents. Shaie and Carrie are going to see if they can spot a Celebi. Can I go with them?”
“Uh, sure, whatever you want.”
“Thanks, Mom!” Shane ran to his sister and her friend. “She’s a little absent-minded for some reason, it didn’t seem like she heard me say that we’re headed to the desert to find a Celebi. Let’s go!”
“Yay!” Carrie exclaimed.
“Here we go!” Shaie exclaimed, then sighed. “I hope Mom’s okay…”
“She’ll be fine,” Shane assured her.

They came to an oasis where a wild Hitmonchan attacked. “AH! SOMEBODY, HELP!” Carrie cried. Shaie screamed.
“Leave them alone, Hitmonchan! Or else!” That angered the Hitmonchan more, until it fainted from an unknown Psychic.
“Celebi!” Carrie exclaimed, jumping. Shane turned to see it. “It’s helped us!”
“Thanks, Celebi!” Shane said.
“I’m going to love this!” Shaie crouched, and took a Master Ball out of her pocket.
“W-where in b-b-blazes did you g-g-get a Master Ball of all things?!” Shane asked, shocked.
She giggled as she captured Celebi. “Well, after Mom tortured me… or whatever the correct term would be, I snuck out of my room one night, and I sneaked around the house and took whatever I felt I could need. I found a Master Ball in her room, and some gloves in the kitchen that she was planning to give Shane.” Shaie smiled as she put the Master Ball in her pocket. “Before we left for this town, I quickly decided to take the Master Ball with me.”
“What?” Shane asked.
“She was planning to give you a pair of gloves for your birthday, but I know how much you hate the things. So I actually did you a favour, brother.” Shaie smiled again.
“Thanks…” Shane said. “I wish I had a Master Ball, so that I could use it in case of a wild Pokémon going crazy and trying to kill people.”
“That’d make you a hero,” Carrie said. “Let’s return. Oh, and Shaie, that was devious and a great thing you did…”

Shane snapped his fingers. “What?” Kim asked.
“Shaie does have a Celebi. Caught with a Master Ball. You should ask her about that.”
“Well, you know what happened, so what did happen?”
“As I said, ask her about it.”
“I don’t want to ask Shaie, I want to ask you.”
“Well, she knows every single detail perfectly, so she’s the best person to ask. It’s difficult to see anything in a sandstorm, you know.”
“A sandstorm?” Kim asked. “Well, in that case, I think I really ought to ask her.”
“Yeah. If only I would wake up…”
“I’ll do what I can,” Kim said, then she disappeared.
Shane began to fight thin air with his fists. He was even faster than before, making it look like he had afterimages. Eventually a door opened. “Yo, Shane!”
“Huh?” Shane turned. It was a Gardevoir.
“Come on in and you’ll wake up. I hope…”
“Are you?”
“Yes, I’m Carrie’s Gardevoir. With Telepathy.”
Shane ran into the building…

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A Brand New Journey

Shane stirred. “He’s moving!”
“But how? He… He’s dead, Carrie!”
“Just because you want him dead, Shaie, doesn’t mean that he will be!”
“Stop it!” Kim shouted. “Shane… please wake up…”
“Activating back-up system,” Shane said. After ten seconds passed, he opened his eyes. “Back-up system is online.”
“N-n-no… That… That isn’t him… It can’t be!” Shaie shook her head.
“That depends on who you are speaking of, Shaie Neumann,” Shane replied.
“You are not Shane!” she shouted.
“I am indeed Shane,” he said, “I am just in the mood to act like a robot because I was bored. And I hate robots.” Shane punched the wall, causing it to crack.
“Calm down, brother,” Shaie said softly. Then she sighed. “Sorry that I tried to kill the entire region… but technically, I’m still the boss of Team Steel, so you still have to beat me.”
“What?!” Kim shouted.
“You can change history, sis,” Shane said, “you have a Celebi that you caught in Cacnea Desert.”
“Wait a second,” Carrie said suddenly. “You have a Celebi that you obtained in Cacnea Desert?!”
“Yeah,” Shaie answered.
“That means that… that…”
“You were there?” Shane asked.
“Yeah!” Carrie answered.
“Now wait a minute, you mean to tell me that Shane, Carrie and Shaie were all in Cacnea Desert?” Kim asked.
“Looks like it,” Shaie answered. “Anyway, your Gardevoir knows Teleport, so get out of here and get a third ally so that you can beat me and the two Generals of Team Steel, and save the world or something. Once that happens, I’ll join you on your journey, just to make certain that you don’t go overkill again.”
Shane sent out his Gardevoir, and returned Carrie to her Poké Ball. Kim walked to Shane. “Carrie is a Pokémon, which is why she doesn’t count as an ally,” she said softly.
“Gardevoir, use Teleport and teleport us to a random forest!”

Shane noticed a Trainer walking towards them. “Someone’s coming.”
The Trainer stopped. “Trainers at one ‘o clock,” he said. “Preparing for battle.”
He sent out a Pokémon that neither Shane or Kim recognized. “What’s that?” Shane asked, and this caused the Trainer to lose balance and almost fall on his face. He managed to maintain his balance.
“What kind of Trainers are you if you don’t even know what a Neos is?!” he bellowed. “Don’t you guys have Pokédexes or something?!”
Kim looked at him calmly. “Nope.”
“I’ll take him on,” Shane said. “Kim, where’s my Pikachu?”
“Oh, here,” she said, giving Shane the Poké Ball that belonged to his Pikachu.
“Go! Raichu!” Shane shouted.
“Now then, let’s battle,” the Trainer said. “The name’s Benjamin.”
“I’m Kim,” Kim said softly. “I guess I’ll be referee or whatever.”
“I’m Shane,” Shane said. “Raichu, use Iron Tail!”
“Dodge it, Neos, then use Light Sphere!”
Kim gasped. “Light Sphere? But… But that’s not possible…”
“Huh?” Shane asked. “Raichu, use Iron Tail to deflect it! Whatever ‘it’ is…”
Raichu’s Iron Tail missed, and it leapt back as Neos fired a sphere of pure light at Raichu. Raichu then used Iron Tail again and deflected the Light Sphere at Neos, resulting in it knocking itself out. “Neos is unable to battle! The winner is Shane from Neos Town!” Kim exclaimed. “Hmm… Neos Town…”
“Neos, return!” Benjamin shouted. “Pretty nice move there, Shane. Go, Angen!”
“Another unknown Pokémon,” Shane said slowly, then he smiled. “Raichu, use Thunderbolt!”
“Use Light Sphere, Angen!” Benjamin shouted.
“Use Ice Beam!” Shane said softly.
Raichu’s Thunderbolt served as a distraction, as it didn’t hit Benjamin’s Pokémon, instead going around Angen. “Huh?!”
The Light Sphere went skywards as Raichu charged up his Ice Beam. “Fire!” Shane shouted. Angen looked at the Ice Beam and got frozen. “Now, finish with Iron Tail!” Another knock-out.
“The winner of this battle is Shane, because Angen is unable to battle,” Kim said.
“I’m all out of Pokémon,” Benjamin said meekly. “I guess I need more Pokémon.”
“Well, we’re out here searching for a Trainer to help us take down Team Steel for good.”
“What? Oh no no no no no, no way, I’m not going to! Those guys are freaky!”
“Don’t worry,” Shane said, “I’m just as scared of them.”
“I’m not,” Kim said. “But how is it possible that Light-type Pokémon really exist?”
“Huh?” Shane asked.
“Neos and Angen are Light-type, because they’ve got Light Sphere,” Kim said. “Right?”
“That’s right,” Benjamin replied. Then he frowned. “I’m too weak, though. Could I… maybe, uh… travel with you guys?”
Kim smiled. “Sure. As long as you help us out.”
Benjamin shook his head. “No way. I won’t unless there’s cute girls involved!”
Shane heard someone saying “I guess he’s the closest to Brock that this world will have.”
“Who’s there?” Shane shouted. Benjamin and Kim stared at him.
“Shane, are you alright?” Kim asked.
“Yeah. I could have sworn somebody said something about some Brock person… but it must be my imagination.”
Kim turned to Benjamin. “Anyway, the boss of Team Steel is cute. She said she’d join us if we defeat her.”
Benjamin’s eyes sparkled. “Then I’m in! I’ll just need to train my Pokémon a lot.”
“That’s important,” Shane said.
Kim sighed. “It’s possible that there are two Champions for a region. I’ve heard of a region which had two Champions mainly because they’re so skilled. They can’t even defeat each other, so they decided to be a Double Champion. That’s in another region… And there’s bad news, too.”
“What?” Shane asked.
“And unfortunately, the Champion chooses which Gyms we should challenge. We should get you a Trainer Card, Shane, so that you can obtain your list of Gyms.”
Benjamin smiled. “I already have the Metallic Badge.”
“I have the Muck, Thunder, and Nature Badges,” Kim said. “So I only need one South Draconian badge, two North Draconian badges, three East and three West Draconian badges.”
“Let’s just rest, Kim,” Shane said slowly.

Later that evening, they were discussing the Badges.
“So, the South Draconian badges are the Muck, Frost, Nature, Outrage and Metallic Badges,” Benjamin said, “the North Draconian badges are the Thunder, Shadow, Invisible, Flame and Martial Arts Badges, the East Draconian badges are the Arachnid, Dual, Aero, Petrified and Confusion Badges, and the West Draconian badges are the Swim, Common, Kindness, Desert and Rotate Badges.”
“You sure know a lot about the badges,” Shane said.
“That’s my secret,” he replied.
“I hope the people of Cacnea City repaired the damage I caused…”
“When he was young, the heat made him go crazy. He almost killed his sister and destroyed Cacnea City,” Kim explained.
“What!?” Benjamin shouted. He panicked. “Don’t kill me! I don’t want to be killed by an axe-crazy guy!”
Shane sighed. “I can control my anger, but just barely.” Shane sighed again. “I hate axes anyway, I prefer swords.”
Kim giggled. “He’s sword-crazy instead.”
“I’m not crazy, Kim, I’m just easily angered,” Shane replied.

The following morning, they began to travel towards a town, talking about random stuff.
“So how is it that Light-type Pokémon exist?” Shane asked.
Kim was first to answer. “According to legends, a Pokémon named Lughster was the first Light-type Pokémon in existence. While Sinnoh legends state that Arceus created the world and all that, Draconian legends state that it was Lughster, and not Arceus, who created the universe. It is said that Lughster created Arceus because it was lonely, and that’s where the Pokémon came from. It is also said that humanity was created by Lughster.”
“You sure know a lot about this region,” Benjamin replied. “I didn’t even know that!”
Kim took a deep breath. “I am from this region.”
“What?!” Shane was shocked.
“Yes, I’m from Draconia…”
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”
Shane looked up to see Team Spark laughing at them. “Not them!”
“OH NO!” Kim shouted. She spotted one of the Team Spark members holding a gun. “WE’RE GONNA DIE!”
The member shot Benjamin, who instantly collapses. “That… was a mistake,” Shane said coldly.
“Did you just press that kid’s berserk button?” a member asked.
“I don’t give a damn, I’m going to kill them all.” the gun-wielding member replied.
“You have just cost yourselves your lives.” Shane said angrily.
“Shane, calm down,” Kim said.
“They killed Benjamin. They won’t get away!”
Kim hugged Shane. “We won’t let them…”
“LET GO OF ME!” Shane shouts, and pushes Kim sideways. She falls to the ground.
“SHANE!” Kim shouted. “NO! STOP!”
Sparks begin to surround Shane as his anger builds. “I WILL NOT LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THAT!”
The member shot at Shane, but in an instant, his hand moves up – he catches the bullet with only two fingers. “WHAT!? IMPOSSIBLE!”
Shane crushes the bullet to dust. “Wrong.”
Kim gets up and runs to Shane. “Sorry, but it’s the only way.”
He stopped. Kim had kissed him.
“Isn’t that sweet?” the member of Team Spark holding the gun commented as Kim stepped back.
“… WHAT WAS THAT?” Shane asked angrily.
“A kiss,” Kim answered nonchalantly.
“DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!” he shouts as he pushes her out of the way. She collides with a tree. “YOU’LL PAY FOR KILLING BENJAMIN! SPARKOKEN!” Shane raises his arms, and fires a beam of lightning at the balloon. A massive explosion causes the forest to become darker, and Kim watches Shane, as she sits crying on the ground.
“Shane, you really have no control over your anger,” she said softly. Then she smiled slightly as three bodies hit the ground. She stands up.
Kim walks to Shane. “Shane?”
“You’re cute when you’re angry, you know that?”
Shane stares at Kim. Then he walks to a nearby cliff. “YEAH RIGHT!” Shane jumps off.

“What happened?”
Shane woke up in a tent. There was nobody nearby, but there were two beds. Shane looked around, and found a diary belonging to Kim, but he knew that diaries are private stuff, so he ignored it. “Why does my head hurt so much?” Then he heard movement.
Kim came into the tent, wearing a red dress with black thigh-high stockings and evening gloves. “Shane! You’re finally awake!”
“Finally?” Shane asked. “What do you mean, finally?”
“You were asleep for three days!” Kim answered as she ran to Shane. “I thought you were dead.”
“You don’t remember?”
“Remember what?” Shane asked with a puzzled expression.
Kim sighed. “Team Spark shot Benjamin with a tranquilizer dart, but we both thought he was dead. Then you went all out crazy and actually hurt me just to kill the members who shot Benjamin. I had hugged you, I had kissed you, but nothing could calm you down,” she said as starts crying.
“What?” Shane asked. “I lost it again, didn’t I? Just like the day I almost killed Shaie…”
“Yeah,” Kim replied. Then she took Shane’s hand. “I don’t want you to die, Shane. I love you!”
Shane looked into her eyes for a minute. “What?”
“I love you,” Kim repeated.
After a short silence, Shane finally replied. “What does that mean?”
“You don’t know what love is?” Kim asked, in shock.
“Love… It’s a… a deep feeling of… desire and attraction?” Kim looked confused. “I’m not a dictionary, Shane.”
Shane sighed. “If I knew what it was, then I must have forgotten about it due to the past,” he said slowly.
“It’s okay,” Kim replied. “Anyway, you jumped off a cliff after you murdered the members of Team Spark.”
“I… murdered them?” Shane asked in shock.
“Yes,” Kim said. Then she smiled. “Let’s go find some Pokémon to capture, okay? We need to beat Shaie and her team.”
“Right,” Shane said slowly.
Kim just looks out of the tent, then she runs back in to her backpack. “How long can you hold your breath?”
“Huh? Two seconds, why… Ach!” Shane falls to the ground, and all fades out…

… He felt as though he was in a nice warm bed. He didn’t want to be in a nice warm bed, he’d rather feel the cold. Then he felt a hand atop his. He opened his eyes. “What’s going on here? Did I…”
“Sorry, Shane,” Kim said. “Your sister tried to knock us all out, but luckily I witnessed her knocking Benjamin out with a stink bomb.”
Shane stares at Kim with a blank expression. “Oh. Where exactly are we?”
“Home,” Kim replied. “Shaie was actually surprised that I had noticed her, though…”
“… I’m bored. Can I go now?”
“What, to battle Team Steel?”
“Of course!” Shane said excitedly.
“Benjamin’s scared, just thought I’d say something. Let’s go, then.”
“Right!” Shane leapt out of bed, walked to the window, opened it and leapt out of it. Kim merely took the stairs.

Shaie, Shlare and Alexis wore their Team Steel uniforms – Shane had expected them to do so, thus he kept his eyes closed. Benjamin was blindfolded, apparently.
“So, are you ready?” Kim asked.
Shane opened his eyes to look her in the eye. “Yeah!”
“And you, Benjamin?”
Benjamin took his blindfold off. “I think so…”
“Well, well,” Shaie began. “You’re here at last.”
Benjamin turned to face Shaie… and panicked. “AAARGH! THEY’RE GOING TO KILL US AND USE OUR BLOOD AND BRAINS IN EVIL SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS TO HELP THEM TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!” He shouted so much that Shaie had to run over and cover his mouth with her gloved hand.
“Shut up, kid. We’re gonna blow up the moon unless you stop us. Savvy?”
Benjamin nods vigorously. Shaie walks back to her allies, and turns.
“Raichu! Go!” Shane shouted as he threw Raichu’s Poké Ball.
“Pikachu! Spotlight!” Kim shouted as she threw her Pachirisu’s Poké Ball.
“Wasn’t it a Pachirisu?” Shane asked.
“No,” Shaie answered, “it was a Pikachu. It had an Illusion Charm all this time.”
“Neangeos! Stand by for battle!” Benjamin shouted, throwing a Poké Ball.
“Another Light-type?” Shane asked. Benjamin nodded. “Just how many Light-type Pokémon are there?”
“Enough to ensure Gym Leaders can use them,” Shlare answered.
“Yeah, it’s possible,” Alexis added.
“Come on out, Raislash!” Shlare said, throwing a Poké Ball.
“Knightel, I choose you!” Alexis shouted, spinning around like a ballerina before throwing her Poké Ball.
“C’mon out, Plangast,” Shaie said as she throws her Poké Ball.
Shaie and Shane’s mother sighed. “This is the battle for the safety of the planet, then. I guess. I’ll be a referee just because two of my children are battling each other.”
“Why is it that girls are always the villains?” Benjamin asked.
“What do you mean?” Kim asked.
“Every single villainous team that I encounter had them as the boss. Team Cobrafang from Cirai, a girl named Nico le Gasu was the boss. Her sister Jaina was the boss of Team Slytherscent. Both are Ciraian Gym Leaders. Another example, Reena, the youngest Gym Leader of Cirai, was with Team Death. In Surfacia, there was Team Toxic, who consisted of four bosses, all four being Gym Leaders now. Penelope, Kaylinn, Allandra, Alicia… All four of them almost killed me, but I managed to pull through. I was only like, seven then.”
“Yep. I borrowed my sisters’ Pokémon. But let us just battle these Trainers before they kill us.”
“Good choice,” Shaie replied sarcastically.

I seek the Truth!

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